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Meryl Marcus
80 Claremont Avenue, Room 103B

RELI S2308D Buddhism: East Asian. 4 points.

Lecture and discussion. An introductory survey that studies East Asian Buddhism as an integral , living religious tradition. Emphasis on the reading of original treatises and historiographies in translation, while historical events are discussed in terms of their relevance to contemporary problems confronted by Buddhism. Global Core.

Summer 2018: RELI S2308D
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
RELI 2308 001/60031  
4 0

RELI S3630Q Religion and Black Popular Cultures. 3 points.

This is an undergraduate seminar course introducing students to the study of religion, race. and popular culture.  While there are no required prerequisites for the course, prior coursework in religious studies or African American history is helpful.  As an exploration of the relationship between religion, race and popular culture, the course will begin with theoretical readings that expose students to a variety of definitions of and approaches to each of these categories.  After tackling these theoretical concerns, the remainder of the course will entail a cross genre and thematic engagement with the terrain of black popular culture(s) in which students will be challenged to apply new theoretical resources to a wide range of religious phenomena.

Summer 2018: RELI S3630Q
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
RELI 3630 001/17054  
3 0

AFAS S3930D Topics in the Black Experience: Religion and the Quest for a Racial Aesthetic. 4 points.

African American religious and artistic traditions have long garnered attention both as sites of intellectual inquiry and as objects of popular imaginations; yet they are often treated as belonging to two mutually exclusive spheres.  This course places the two in conversation by exploring how religion has figured into efforts to theorize a racial aesthetic.  Through an engagement with critical debates regarding African American artistic expression (i.e. New Negro, Negritude, Black Arts, New Black and Hip Hop aesthetics), this course explores what significance black artists and intellectuals have attributed to religion and spirituality in their critical and creative visions.  Is religion perceived to help or hinder black cultural aesthetics?  Are there specific religious ideas, practices and traditions that black artists have been turned to (or rejected) for inspiration?  And why are certain spiritual idioms viewed as anathema to the aims of African American culture and politics?  These and other questions will help to organize a wide-ranging survey of black cultural production (i.e. criticism, literature, music, visual culture) during the twentieth century.

Summer 2018: AFAS S3930D
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
AFAS 3930 001/24749  
4 0

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