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Department Contact:
Rakesh Ranjan
411 Knox

The Hindi-Urdu Program in the MESAAS Department of Columbia University, one of the leading centers for the study of South Asia in the country, now offers intensive summer Hindi-Urdu courses at elementary and intermediate levels. The courses are comprehensive and taught by experienced teachers. The curriculum offers interpersonal, presentational and interpretive tasks supported by multimedia materials in smart classrooms. The courses are designed for students to achieve a higher level of proficiency. They target academic and professional needs, enabling students with different backgrounds and goals to communicate with Hindi-Urdu speakers in a variety of contexts. The curriculum is based on national standards and proficiency guidelines as set by ACTFL.

The Urdu script is taught in the second session of Elementary Hindi-Urdu.  Columbia’s is the only Hindi-Urdu summer program in the country to offer training in both Hindi and Urdu scripts. Students can expect to have reading and writing facility in both languages by the end of the elementary course.

Some features of the summer program:
•    Instructors hold daily office hours
•    Daily tutoring provided by a teaching assistant
•    Field trips to South Asian neighborhoods and restaurants of New York City
•    Mandatory cultural activities on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons
•    Screening of Bollywood movies
•    Cooking lessons


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