Program Policies

For College Edge students

General Requirements

Colledge Edge students must be actively enrolled in their secondary school throughout their studies at Columbia. They are permitted to study for two terms, with continuation into the second term contingent on successful completion of the first.

College Edge students typically enroll in lower-level (1000–2999) courses and must obtain special permission from the Advisor of Pre-College Programs to register for upper-level courses (3000 and above). Please note that some courses have prerequisites.

Academic Year (September–May)

Open to: juniors and seniors who live within commuting distance

Summer (May–August)

Open to: domestic or international students entering grades 11 or 12 in the fall

Credit Transfer

College Edge students should consult their intended undergraduate institution regarding the transfer of college credits.

Undergraduate courses are typically not credited toward a graduate degree either at Columbia or elsewhere. Graduate courses may result in advanced standing upon entering graduate school, though the degree-granting school is the sole authority for determining applicability of Columbia credit toward a degree.

Columbia’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may confer up to 15 credits toward the M.A. or Ph.D. for work completed as a Postbaccalaureate Studies student. Courses must be completed with a grade of B or better and must be approved by the department.

Columbia’s School of General Studies will accept up to 15 credits from the School of Professional Studies toward the B.A. or B.S. degree.


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