What to Bring

Enrolled Students: Summer Term

Students should bring standard school supplies such as notebooks and writing implements. If available, they should also review syllabi for their courses on CourseWorks so that they can purchase textbooks or any required materials prior to the start of the course. Most textbooks can be purchased at the Columbia Bookstore, and you can review textbook and price information using the textbook search here.

Some students prefer to bring laptops to class. The use of laptops in the classroom is up to the instructor’s discretion. Certain courses may require students to use laptops; please review the syllabus on CourseWorks for details. We recommend that students wear cool, comfortable clothing; there is no dress code.

Students who commute to campus should bring either bag lunches or lunch money (approximately $7–$15). They may also want to bring gym clothes for use of the physical fitness center. After reviewing your student schedule, we recommend that you plan your meals for when you are on campus during common breakfast/lunch/dinners hours.

Residential students may want to bring a bathing suit for swimming at the gym or trips to the beach and one dressier outfit for activities such as trips to the theater. Comfortable shoes for walking are highly recommended. They may wish to bring an alarm clock, a desk lamp, and clothes hangers. Although a linen package that includes a blanket, two sheets, a pillowcase, two towels, and a washcloth is provided, some students may opt to bring an additional blanket and extra towels.

Students in the residential program may also find it useful to bring laptops as they will not have access to computer labs after curfew. The dormitories are equipped with wireless internet access. Students should have cellphones with that function in the United States.

We recommend that residential students have access to a minimum of $1,500 in spending money per session. ATM cards are recommended.