Registration & Payment Policies

Tuition & Fees

Information regarding tuition and fees can be found here.


Students can make changes to their schedule without financial penalty during the Change of Program Period. Students who wish to add or drop a course during this timeframe can do so by logging on to SSOL during their registration appointment times.

Dropping an individual course after the change of program period

There is no refund of tuition for individual courses dropped after the last day of the Change of Program Period. You may make a request via SSOL to drop an individual course and it will be routed to your advisor for approval.

Important: Failure to attend classes or notification submitted only to the instructor does not constitute dropping a course and will result in a mark of UW (Unofficial Withdrawal) for the course and full tuition will be charged.

View the change of program dates, pass/fail, and drop deadlines by clicking here.

Maximum Point Loads

Students may not receive more than 12 points of credit during the fall or spring semester.

Payment Procedures

Columbia bills students for tuition, fees, and other charges at the beginning of each term. The Student Account Statement is distributed electronically via email notification to a student’s Columbia University email account. No paper bills will be mailed by the University.

Columbia University reserves the right to withhold the privilege of registration, or any other University privilege, from any person with unpaid debt to the University.

For detailed information regarding tuition payment deadlines and procedures, see Student Financial Services.

Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy

Students who wish to drop all of their classes in any given semester are considered to be withdrawing from that semester. Tuition for courses dropped during the Change of Program Period is refunded in full. Please review the link below for additional information on the withdrawal process and refund policies for those students that withdraw after courses begin.

Additional information about the withdrawal process and tuition refunds can be found here.