Columbia Opens Free Online Preview Course in Enterprise Risk Management

What can your organization learn from the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and the American auto industry's reluctance to adopt fuel efficiency? Each event featured one or more risks that most organizations today overlook, according to Sim Segal, Director of the Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program at Columbia University.

In the free online preview course, The Five Killer Risks of Enterprise Risk Management, Segal identifies each of the five risks and describe its symptoms, provides case studies, and suggests possible mitigation tactics.

“It gives you a little glimpse of some of the material that we cover in the Columbia University Enterprise Risk Management programs,” he says.

A recognized advisor and though leader in ERM, Segal says each of the five risks share three traits: each is politically difficult, easy to identify, and a leading indicator of a high-severity risk event. The risks are:

  1. Arrogance. An attitude of invincibility in individuals, business units, or organizations.

  2. The Rainmaker. Individuals or business units that are generating very high growth.

  3. The Mastermind. Individuals with unique intelligence or mastery in their area of expertise.

  4. Internal Communications. The failure to share risk scenarios around an organization.

  5. Combination Punches. Two or more risk events occurring together.

The online preview course, which can be completed in about two hours or at your own pace, delves into each risk through a series of videos that include interactive lectures and illustrations by Segal, readings, exercises, and polls. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate. The preview course is open to all and geared toward those who are interested in ERM, risk management, company failures, or in simply avoiding killer risks impeding their organization or career.

Register now for The Five Killer Risks of Enterprise Risk Management and learn more about Columbia’s Programs in Enterprise Risk Management.