Industry Experts Discuss Construction Cranes and Derricks

The Master of Science in Construction Administration program at Columbia University recently hosted a seminar workshop on navigating the cranes and derricks regulatory environment of New York City.

The event, held at the School of Engineering’s Seeley W. Mudd building, was attended by students and faculty of the program, invited civil engineering students, and select industry professionals. Jim Upton of New York Crane and Equipment and cofounder of the workshop, kicked off the evening by introducing Lawrence K. Shapiro and two principals of Howard I. Shapiro & Associates who presented a thorough history and overview of the many types of cranes and derricks used in construction projects worldwide. (Lawrence K. Shapiro and his brother Jay P. Shapiro coauthored the fourth edition of Cranes and Derricks (McGraw Hill, 2010), a definitive text on the subject.) They zeroed in on the complex restrictions, licensing requirements, and constantly changing regulations unique to using this type of equipment in New York City construction projects.

The workshop will return in spring 2018 for the benefit of the student cohort starting the Construction Administration program this fall.