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Ray Master

Ray Master is a recognized leader in the field of construction safety. He presents over 27 years of experience in providing environment, health, and safety (EHS) services to clients in public and private industry with heavy emphasis on the construction industry. Over the course of his career, he has progressed from the level of field safety engineer to large project safety manager, corporate director, and management consultant. He has also served in adjunct faculty positions for the design and delivery of coursework in EHS within graduate level construction management academic programs. He is an accomplished public speaker and an executive performance/leadership coach. Master has extensive experience in a variety of industrial settings to include high-rise, mixed-use, commercial, healthcare, and residential building construction, renovation and demolition; nuclear & coal power plant maintenance/expansion; industrial and process facility upgrades; hazardous material abatement & remediation; emergency management & response; transportation/infrastructure construction and expansion; aerospace manufacturing; marine/off-shore construction; and oil and gas facility construction. He has served as Board Member for a non-profit organization and is active in his community. Currently he serves as Director of Loss Prevention/Safety Consulting Services for Construction Risk Partners of New York. Master holds a Master of Science in Safety and a Bachelor of Science in Safety Sciences from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.