Strategic Communication Alumna Profiles Syrian Refugee For Teen Vogue

Surpriya Venkatesan's (Executive Master of Science in Strategic Communications, 2015) article for Teen Vogue, "I'm 16 Years Old and I'm a Syrian Refugee," shows just what it's like to be a young woman in the midst of war. The Syrian war has displaced over 10 million people since 2011, and Hussin has gone from refugee camps in Jordan to resettlement in the United States, even though that status is at-risk under the Trump administration.

For Hussin, living in America means that "There is a future for me, for my family. There is safety here. It was an emotional and psychological relief to feel safe – no guns shooting or explosions; no one will break into our homes. Even when we were in Jordan and would hear fireworks, we would be scared. Here, when I hear fireworks, I am OK.”

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