How One Woman Learned to Disagree Respectfully

In a new op-ed for The New Jersey Star-Ledger, Strategic Communications alumna (2016) Afsheen Shamsi presented a complicated position on how, as a person of color who was planning on voting for Hillary Clinton, she has real fears about what a Trump Presidency could mean.

Yet instead of fighting with a friend who was a Trump supporter, she thought about how the president-elect has set an example of name-calling and disrespect as a rhetorician.

Shamsi wrote, "One of the most important things that I learned from Trump is how not to conduct yourself in moments of disagreement - you don't resort to calling someone a nasty person - listen respectfully and agree to disagree." She has been able to turn the fear and anger behind Donald Trump's rise into teachable moment, in both talking with her friends and her community at large.

Read the full piece at The Star-Ledger, and learn more about the Strategic Communications graduate program.