Tracy David on Trump's Use of Social Media

Tracy David, a lecturer in the Communications Practice graduate program and M.S. in Strategic Communications alumna, recently spoke with Teen Vogue about Donald Trump’s use of social media throughout his presidential campaign. David says that Trump is unique amongst his candidate peers because he’s spent less money on traditional campaign advertising and focused his energies on social media, where he’s been very successful at engaging audiences and turning those engagements into votes. His trick is to be very authentic with snappy lines that encompass his supporters’ beliefs:

“The other candidates are posting, they’re very much like, ‘If I were president I would do this,’ — it’s very much policy driven,” David explains. “[Trump’s] tweets and his Facebook posts are…feeding into people’s anger but there’s something very authentic about his [social media] approach — it’s not about having hashtags." And David points to the fact that 74% of his tweets are favorited and 26% are shared as proof that these followers are real supporters (i.e. votes), and not just social media spectators who can’t look away from a horrifying train wreck.

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