Information Session: Full-Time M.S. in Strategic Communication


Nov 14, 2018 - 9:30 a.m.


Event will be held online

Ideal for early-career communication professionals, and for career-changers who want to complete their degree quickly, Columbia University’s full-time Master of Science in Strategic Communication was designed to respond to the industry-wide need for strategic perspective, critical thinking, and exceptional communication skills at all levels of the workplace. Students complete the program full-time in 12 months or, with a graduate-level summer internship, in 16 months.

During this online information session, the leadership and administrators of the program will discuss its features and curriculum, and relate the program’s experience and learning outcomes. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of any of the presenters.

Additional Program Options in Strategic Communication

In addition to the full-time option, there are three ways to complete the program part-time, for students who may be employed full-time while earning their degree and who want to spread out their coursework, including experienced professionals:

  • In up to 3 years in New York City

  • In 6 consecutive terms in a hybrid format that is mostly online with occasional multi-day blocks of intensive study in San Francisco or New York City

  • In 16 months in a executive hybrid format that is about a third online with monthly intensive study in New York City; this option is open to communication leaders with 6+ years of experience

For information sessions dedicated to these additional program options, please check the M.S. in Strategic Communication events calendar and the Executive M.S. in Strategic Communication events calendar.