Strategic Communication Workshop: Making Insights Creative Again


Oct 16, 2015 - 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Columbia University, Northwest Corner Building, Room 501

The world is in a constant state of flux, and managing change has become a key organizational priority. Creativity has been pushed further and further up the chain, and no longer simply rests with the executional tail end of the process. Creativity is now everyone’s responsibility.

To be the one who innovates ahead of the curve, the one who avoids being left behind in a state of reactionary crisis, you need disruptive insights. You need insights that break from the well-trodden lemming path of consumer research and BAU.

This is about injecting creative thinking into the generation of insights. It is about opening up your toolkit and widening your horizon, so that you can anticipate what’s next before change is forced upon you.

About the Speaker

Ole Pedersen, EVP Global Group Planning Director, Deutsch NYC, is a Norwegian expatriate whose empathic and curious nature has driven him to explore consumer experiences on several continents. His eclectic, cross-cultural background ranges from military training in the Norwegian Armed Forces, to deep immersions into a diverse range of sub-cultures across the globe.

Throughout a planning career stretching 20 years, Ole has led the debate and set direction for famous brands in almost every category. He was the global planning lead that helped drive Gillette to historic heights, resurrected lost passions in the Saturn brand, and inspired award-winning work on brands like The Economist, Guinness, and Mercedes-Benz. He incited Americans to discover the adventure of Sabra hummus, ignited emotions on old icons such as Jim Beam, and mined cultural tension in places as disparate as Tbilisi, Georgia, and the Middle East.

A passionate practitioner of planning, Ole has been a featured speaker at global planning events such as the Cannes Advertising Festival and the APG conference. He currently serves as EVP Global Group Planning Director at Deutsch NYC.


Ole Pedersen