No matter what motivates organizations to embrace sustainability, the ability to apply analytics to sustainability data is essential. Even if sustainability concepts and practices are embedded in an organization’s culture, there is an ever-increasing need to turn raw sustainability data into actionable business and policy insights.

The strategic use of analytics is invaluable in managing sustainability efforts. Leaders seek more and better information to help understand the implications of current practices and to guide future decisions. There is a growing demand for professionals with quantitative and technical skills to collect, disseminate, and analyze sustainability-related information, and to facilitate the preparation of reports and analysis so that high-quality information is available for stakeholders to make informed decisions.

The non-degree Columbia University Certification of Professional Achievement in Sustainability Analytics answers this need. The program provides prospective graduates with the expertise to use sustainability-related information across any enterprise. The courses focus on key topics in reporting, accounting, metrics and indices, as well as monitoring procedures. This program provides the hands-on technical skills that students will utilize in their careers. It is ideal for sustainability professionals and is applicable across a variety of industries: financial services, construction, utilities, energy, industrial manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, media, transportation and technology, among others.

The certification can be added to the M.S. in Sustainability Management, to other Columbia University degree programs, or it can be taken alone. All courses are offered in the evening to accommodate the schedules of students working full-time. It is in an organization’s best interest to follow sustainability principles and to measure success against the pillars of triple bottom-line management people, planet and profit. Companies need management professionals with sustainability knowledge and the technical skills with which to present high-quality data, in order to make well-informed decisions. Students who complete the Certification of Professional Achievement in Sustainability Analytics will be ready to provide that resource.

The program is co-sponsored by The Earth Institute and the Columbia University School of Professional Studies. It will draw from existing courses offered at Columbia University and feature new courses designed as part of the program’s launch. Instructors are industry-leading sustainability practitioners. They include Earth Institute faculty and researchers who are leaders in their respective fields of earth science, environmental management and the implementation of measures to limit an organization’s environmental footprint.


The Certification of Professional Achievement in Sustainability Analytics is a 12-point program. Students choose four 3-point courses from the following offerings and are required to maintain an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 (B). Every course creditable toward the certification must be taken for a letter grade.

Fall 2017

Master of Science in Sustainability Management

For more information about this program and how to apply, please visit the program site.