What Do Children Learn at Aquariums?

Considering that tragic stories of gorillas and alligators gone wild are dominating the news cycle, it's an apt time to read Skye C. Cleary's new piece on Aeon.

Cleary, an instructor for the Business Certification program at the School of Professional Studies, explores why the aquarium, nominally a place of education about the seas and wildlife, teaches more serious lessons to its audience.

As Cleary writes, an aquarium visit may be educational on the surface, but look below and the realities of the aquarium are quite stark, where stressed-out wildlife, stolen from their home, parade back and forth in a watery cage.

A philosopher, Cleary brings up stirring moral and ethical questions about the usefulness and kindness of the aquarium in our modern age.

Read the piece in its entirety on the Aeon and learn more about the Business Certification at SPS.