Lauri Harrison Ranks With Influential Marketing Professionals on Twitter

Lauri Harrison, an instructor in the Business Certification Program, was recently added to a list of the Top 100 Marketing Professors on Twitter that is compiled by Social Media Marketing Magazine. Marketing professors with a social media presence are added to the list based on their ability to provide useful content, consistently engage with their followers, and understand the best ways to use Twitter and other forms of social media in marketing. Harrison's classes are delivered in a live online lecture format and incorporate social media into marketing plans, as it is a feature being integrated in all aspects of the marketing field.

“Social media is a communication tool that is relevant for both personal and professional lives," said Harrison. "It provides a megaphone to compete globally. Communication is now happening this way – it is the most pinpointed way to reach someone.”

Harrison says her class is often an entrance into the world of social media for students, though many are digital natives who have grown up with access to the internet and technology. She teaches them how social media can be used as a strategic tool. At the center of her social media marketing philosophy is the importance of communication and brand awareness online.

“Brands respond immediately on Twitter. The ‘power of one’ can have global influence. Your words can be keyword searched. Organizations must listen to what is being said on social media, both positive and negative. It is the best tool there is to connect with customers, and one of the most important marketing tools there are.”

Harrison’s preferred social media sites for marketing are Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. The latter, she says, is more than a professional rolodex of names and contact information. It can provide a way to promote products and services and attract new employees. She doesn’t include Facebook because she believes it doesn’t provide tools to sufficiently segment the market.

Harrison teaches one class per semester in the Business Certification Program. Harrison is based in Colorado, where she serves as a consultant, assisting companies with their marketing and product strategy, often helping them launch new brands and services online. She stresses the importance of marketing a personal brand to her students, helping them network professionally and launch themselves in online communities.