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Dr. Seth Waldman’s Quest for Ethics in Pain Management

Dr. Seth Waldman (’19SPS, Bioethics), one of the top pain management doctors in New York, balances his “three full-time jobs” while completing his Master of Science in Bioethics at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies.

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Getting a Job and Getting Into Med School with a Bioethics Degree

Scott Korotkin, a 2014 graduate of the Bioethics master’s program at Columbia, found the program beneficial as a first-year medical student at the Tulane University School of Medicine.

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Alumna Bela Fishbeyn Leads the American Journal of Bioethics

The Executive Editor of the AJOB reflects on her bioethics graduate program and offers tips on getting your work published.


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Molly Lucas, Bioethics Student, Researches Addiction

Molly Lucas, medical researcher in the field of addiction, studied the broader context of biomedical issues through the lenses of ethics, philosophy, history, and the law.

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