Why Donald Trump's Rhetoric Is Dangerous

In a powerful essay on CNN, Robert Klitzman, the director of the Master of Science in Bioethics Program, argues that the rhetoric of fear, as practiced by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, helps terrorism's frightening ideology spread across the world.

According to Klitzman, ISIS has been open about its goal from random acts of frightening violence, and that's to spread fear, anger, and distrust towards Muslims in Western countries. Trump, with his nasty attacks on all Muslims as a force of evil, suggesting that they should be banned from the U.S., spreads fear, hate, and anger throughout America and beyond.

Yes, terrorism is frightening, but there is a clearer path towards understanding and peace, as Klitzman writes:

“Ultimately, recent terrorist attacks should inspire us not to restrict or reject our loyal Muslim citizens, as Trump urges, but to become wiser, savvier, and more prudent. If we don't do this, then there is a real danger that terror victims like my sister -- and scores of other more recent ones -- will have all died in vain. We cannot let this occur.”

Read his essay in full at CNN.