Careers in Bioethics

Presented by Columbia University’s master of science and certification programs in Bioethics, the Careers in Bioethics series brings noted bioethicists, academics, authors, and medical professionals to Columbia’s campus for lectures, book readings, and panel discussions focused on the intersection of their work and bioethics.

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Careers in Bioethics: More and Better Medical Technology: More and Harder Ethical Dilemmas

Dr. Kenneth Prager is the director of the ethics committee at New York Presbyterian Hospital. In his presentation, he discussed the ways that the medical profession has changed over the course of his career, how ethical boundaries have been affected by technology advances, and gave advice on how students could be effective for both their fellow doctors and their patients.

Careers in Bioethics: Reflections on Bioethics: Past, Present and Future

Thomas Murray is President of the Hastings Center, a bioethics "think tank" in the United States which has produced influential work in the field for decades. The topic of his presentation, bioethics in the past, present and future, involves an examination of the idea of stewardship, health care reform, cost-effective design and technology.

Careers in Bioethics: The Roles of Bioethics in Industry: Perspectives from an Insider

Llew Keltner, M.D., Ph.D. is the President and CEO of Light Sciences Oncology, Inc., a leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. He will speak about the critical roles that bioethics can play in industry, the tensions that might arise, and ways that these can be addressed.



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