Kaiser Fung: Right on Power Posing

"Power posing," a 2010 scientific study-turned-viral TED talk, turned researcher Amy Cuddy into a household name, speaker, and author with the simple idea that by training your body to appear confident - putting hands on hips in a superman pose - your mind could be confident. Yet it received a large blow this week as Cuddy's co-researcher Dana Carney disavowed her work, with a PDF shared on her site.

Yet if you wanted to predict the future, it turned out that Kaiser Fung, the Applied Analytics Associate Program Director, co-authored a devastating take-down of the practice, highlighting recent studies that proved that "power posing" was based on faulty statistics. It's a fascinating case of science meeting social overreach, where accuracy fades behind glossy promises.

Read the full article published on Slate, and learn more about the M.S. in Applied Analytics.