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Natasa Rajicic

Natasa Rajicic joined Pfizer in September of 2006, and is currently a Director, Statistics Group Lead for endocrine care statistics. Her professional experience has primarily been in the realm of clinical trials and biomedical research.

Prior to joining Pfizer, Rajicic spent five years at the Center for Biostatistics in AIDS Research at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. She also worked as a consulting biostatistician at the Massachusetts General Hospital Biostatistics Unit where she did her doctoral research in survival analysis of longitudinal microarray data. Rajicic is an author on over 30 scientific publications.

Rajicic received her B.A. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Statistics from West Virginia University, and a doctorate degree in Biostatistics from Harvard School of Public Health.

Rajicic is a proud inhabitant of LES where she lives with her cat and a husband.