Dr. Sharyn O'Halloran Discusses Trade and Economics on Bloomberg and NPR

Dr. Sharyn O’Halloran, Senior Vice Dean and Chief Academic Officer for the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University, is a trusted voice in political science, and the author of several books on policy and regulation. She has been in demand as an economic expert, and appeared on American Public Media's Marketplace to discuss the importance of our government's employment data for Donald Trump's presidential administration.

While President Trump has been outwardly dismissive regarding the "truth" of unemployment rates, which he has called "phony" and is proposing to change, despite his claims, these statistics still have an impact on the American economy. According to O'Halloran, the unemployment rate has a chain reaction, affecting banks, interests, loans, and businesses.

In an appearance on Bloomberg Surveillance, O'Halloran discussed free trade and income inequality:

She also discussed the importance of NAFTA and the reality of Trump's proposal of a 20% tariff on Mexican imports.