Columbia University welcomes qualified students who are currently enrolled in degree programs at other institutions to take credit-bearing courses at Columbia for a semester, a summer, or a full academic year.

While studying at Columbia, visiting students have the opportunity to choose from among thousands of rigorous courses offered in hundreds of subject areas. A dedicated academic advising team is available to help students navigate the University and tailor their academic plans to meet their individual goals.

Visiting students study alongside matriculated Columbia students in classes taught by Columbia’s world-renowned faculty, and they have access to all of the resources that the University has to offer, including libraries, athletic facilities, and a wide variety of cultural opportunities in New York City.

Students in the following categories are eligible to apply:

Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and are not currently enrolled at another institution should apply to one of our programs for Postbaccalaureate Studies.


Application Deadline
Fall Aug. 15
Spring Jan. 5

Summer Visiting Students

Visiting students who are interested in studying in the summer should refer to the Columbia Summer website.

Transfer of Credit

Into the Program

All visiting students are admitted on a non-degree basis so no credit is accepted.

Out of the Program

Visiting students should consult their home institution regarding the transfer of credits.

Undergraduate courses are not usually credited toward a graduate degree either at Columbia or elsewhere. Graduate courses may result in advanced standing upon entering graduate school, though the degree-granting school, not the School of Professional Studies, is the sole authority for determining applicability of Columbia credit toward a degree.

Columbia’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may confer up to 15 points (one residence unit) of credit toward the M.A. or Ph.D. for work completed as a Postbaccalaureate Studies student. Courses must be completed with a grade of B or better and must be approved for graduate credit by the student's department.

Columbia’s School of General Studies will accept up to 15 points of credit toward the B.A. or B.S. for work completed as a non-degree student at Columbia or elsewhere.