Columbia’s Landscape Design master’s degree program prepares students for professional careers as landscape designers specializing in residential and smaller-scale public sector projects. It immerses students in the history and theory of garden design, broadens their horticultural knowledge and plant vocabulary, and nurtures their creativity while grounding them technically.

The rigorous curriculum emphasizes intensive studio work in order to develop students’ technical and design competence and to enable them to begin professional practice upon graduation. Students are expected to master traditional design techniques and cultivate their ability to produce creative and realistic design plans. A portfolio of work complete with a detailed, residential landscape design will be produced.

More than half of the program of study is composed of intensive studio work with the remaining courses devoted to expanding students’ knowledge of plant materials and understanding of a limited range of technical concerns relevant to the field.

Who Should Apply

The Landscape Design graduate program is tailored to the needs of working adults from diverse professional and academic backgrounds who are interested in landscape design careers. While most students come to the program with little or no professional experience in landscape design, all students will have demonstrated creative aptitude in their admissions portfolios.

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